LG Promotion SO BUY A NEW LG STYLO5 or stylo5 +

SO there is this promotion for a 25 dollar gift card when you buy a new stylo5 or stylo5 +there is a process to go through to have them send it to you

This is the information needed to get the gift card sent to your address:

  • Customer will go to www.lgfanatics.com or text LGFan25 to 833-831-4440
    • Enter MEID (must be HEX), PTN, Name and Email Address (Customer MUST provide the correct e-mail address).
    • Upload receipt.
  • Customer has 30 days from the day of activation to redeem their purchase on www.Lgfanatics.com. If they do not redeem within 30 days, they will forfeit eligibility to the e-gift card.
  • $25 eGift Card is emailed to Customer e-mail address.
  • Up to 5 eGift Cards per family.

The criteria for this gift card is as follows:

  • Includes all Indirect Retail doors in all markets.
  • Eligible devices: New LG Stylo 5 or LG Stylo 5x (can be any combination if purchasing for a family plan). Must be new and sourced from your DDP.
  • Must purchase and activate on same day.
  • Port-in and Non Port-ins and Upgrades are eligible.
  • Must activate on any monthly unlimited plan or family plan.
  • Can be combined with the LG Stylo 5 BOGO, and or Q1 Device Discount pricing.

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