Oh My Plans!!

Check Out These Plan Promos!!!

  •  4 lines for $100  ( for a limited time  for new or port in customers) unlimited talk, text, data with out Mobile Hotspot. add 5th line for $30.
  • 30 gigs of Hotspot for $30 /line  ( limited time for new or existing customers  . 4 lines of unlimited data, HD streaming, and 30GB/ line of Hotspot. add a 5th line for $30.  SO that’s Only $120 for 4 lines WOW!!
  • 3 lines for $100 (limited time for new and existing customers) 3 lines of unlimited data, talk and text  plus 20GB of Mobile Hotspot  per line.  Two more lines can be added for $30/line
  • dont want a family plan or a group plan..  we have a ultimate unlimited plan ( limited time only new and existing )  this plan is $80. this includes unlimited talk, text, data, HD Streaming, 40 GB of Mobile Hotspot, international connect plus and much more.

What Amazing Plans! Take advantage of these plans while they are available!

Stop on in and see us!

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